Old Press Snippets about Uphall

We have scoured the newspaper index at West Lothian Library HQ for articles about Uphall.   Below are a few news items which you may find interesting.

Relic Found At Castlehill

It was reported that an old cavalry sword, discovered at Castlehill, Uphall, was taken to the Edinburgh Royal Antiquarian Museum.  After polishing the sword, it was found to date from the year 1600 and had a spanish inscription.

Source : West Lothian Courier - 24 December 1887

Ancient Graves Found In Uphall

Several ancient graves were found at Wyndford farm near the Binny Quarries.  Their discovery was made as large quantities of freestone was being removed for use in the construction of the New Town in Edinburgh.  The graves lay about 130 yards north east of the farmhouse, quite near to the Binny Burn.  Rev. James Primrose reported that the graves had already been removed when he visited the site, though he managed to obtain accounts 'from several trustworthy and intelligent persons who had seen them'.  There was two rows of graves, and traces of a third row.  Each grave was only about a foot under the surface and there was about twenty graves in total.

Source : West Lothian Courier - 17 May 1901

Great Fire At Uphall Oil Works

The courier reported that, on Tuesday 3 November 1908, tanks and buildings were ablaze at Uphall Oil Works.  Damage was estimated at £4000.  The fire took hold in the co-operage building before spreading quickly to the loading bank and filling shed.  The fire was fueled by the 200 barrels of paraffin oil which were lying ready for dispatch.   Further damage was avoided by the emptying of four stock tanks (each had a capacity of 20,000 gallons).  Fortunately, the fire was contained before it reached the adjacent gas works.

Source : West Lothian Courier - 6 November 1908

Shale Oil Crisis

With the continued decline of the shale oil industry, it was decided to abandon several local mines.  Management and clerical staff levels were ruthlessly cut and the Loaninghill Shale Mine closed and abandoned.   The unemployment level in Broxburn did not alter significantly.

Source : West Lothian Courier - 24 September 1926

Conventicle at Middleton Hall

It was reported that in excess of 1000 people gathered for a Conventicle in the grounds of Middleton Hall. It was held to remember the Scottish Martyers and convenanters. Access to the grounds was granted by Mr Robert Crichton of Scottish Oils Limited.

Source : West Lothian Courier - 2 June 1933

End Of Old Saugh Tree

The Old Saugh Tree, which was a land mark for the villagers of Broxburn and Uphall, was severely damaged by fire and at risk of being cut down.  The tree marked the end of one village and the start of the other, and was often the point at which villagers would turn around when out walking.

Source : West Lothian Courier - 5 September 1947

New Industry For Uphall

'New Industry For Uphall' was one of the headlines in the West Lothian Courier on 6 April 1962. This was due to Motherwell Bridge Thermal deciding to locate its new factory in Uphall, instead of Grangemouth.  The announcement meant that 300 jobs were secured for Uphall.  The good news came at a time when the area was crippled by recession and the shale oil industry had largely disappeared.

Source : West Lothian Courier - 6 April 1962

Jobs For Uphall

Thurdsay 28 June 1962 saw the inauguration of Motherwell Bridge Thermal in the former workshops of Scottish Oils Ltd, Uphall.  The paper reported that the new company would manufacture equipment for the chemical and petroleum industries and that they had received their first order, worth £15,000, from Courtaulds Ltd.

Source : West Lothian Courier - 29 June 1962

Uphall Cemetery Burials

Records of Uphall Cemetery Burials (from when it opened in 1893 until 1975) are available to search by visiting https://www.uphallburials.com

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