• Broxburn Oil Works

    Broxburn Oil Works

  • West Main Street, Uphall

    West Main Street, Uphall

  • Almondell House

    Almondell House

  • Millers Bridge, Uphall

    Millers Bridge, Uphall

  • The Viaduct, Broxburn

    The Viaduct, Broxburn

  • The Gates, Main Street, Uphall

    The Gates, Main Street, Uphall

  • Viaduct, Broxburn

    Viaduct, Broxburn

  • Looking East along Main Street, Uphall

    Looking East along Main Street, Uphall

  • Main Street, Broxburn

    Main Street, Broxburn

  • Ecclesmachan Road, Uphall

    Ecclesmachan Road, Uphall

  • Almondell Bridge

    Almondell Bridge

  • Main Street, Uphall

    Main Street, Uphall

  • Greendykes Road, Broxburn

    Greendykes Road, Broxburn

  • St Nicholas Church, Uphall

    St Nicholas Church, Uphall

  • Main Street, Broxburn

    Main Street, Broxburn

  • Middleton Hall, Uphall

    Middleton Hall, Uphall

  • Station Road, Broxburn

    Station Road, Broxburn

  • Staff of Uphall Public School

    Staff of Uphall Public School

  • West End, Broxburn

    West End, Broxburn

  • Gala Day at Uphall Public School

    Gala Day at Uphall Public School

  • Station Road, Broxburn

    Station Road, Broxburn

  • Uphall Gala Day Parade - July 1926

    Uphall Gala Day Parade - July 1926

  • Broxburn Academy

    Broxburn Academy

  • Old Mill, Uphall

    Old Mill, Uphall

  • Goschen Place, Broxburn

    Goschen Place, Broxburn

  • Tram on Main Street, Uphall

    Tram on Main Street, Uphall

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Disability West Lothian - Need your help

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Christmas events in Broxburn and Uphall

A number of Christmas events will be held in Broxburn and Uphall on Saturday 1st and 8th December 2018.  Why not go along, support and enjoy these great community events.

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Uphall Conservation Area - Consultation

West Lothian Council are proposing to change the boundary of the Uphall Conservation Area.  The conservation area is an important factor in protecting Uphall's historic environment and heritage.

For more information on the proposed changes and to take part in the consultation, please visit the West Lothian Council site here.

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Memorial Plaques to Remember the Fallen

Memorial plaques, with a complete list of names, is to be erected near the War Memorial at Strathbrock Partnership Centre, Broxburn, next year.

Names have been taken from the existing war memorials in Bangour, Broxburn, Dechmont, Ecclesmachan and Uphall. If you know of anyone else whose name should go on these plaques, because they were born or lived in this area (but whose names are not on the existing war memorials), please write to Mary Boylan at Dechmont Village Shop, 65, Main Street, Dechmont, EH52 6LG, by 31 January 2019.

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Lest We Forget - 11/11/2018

Below are a few photographs taken at the War Memorial on 11 November 2018.  Lest We Forget.


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Broxburn and Uphall Remembrance Day

The Remembrance Day Parade will be held on Sunday 11th November, 2018.  The Parade will leave Broxburn Parish Church  at 1.15pm to arrive at the Broxburn and Uphall War Memorial (opposite Strathbrock Partnership Centre, Broxburn) for the Remembrance Service.  All welcome.

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Lothians & Fife Green Network - Shale Trail

To learn more about the potential development of a "Shale Trail" through West Lothian, please click on the image below.


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The Arrival

The Arrival is a play about a man that travels to a strange and magical land in search of a safe future for his family. The play uses visual theatre, puppetry, live music with some scenes in British Sign Language and English (half the cast are deaf). The play is accessible to deaf, hearing or people that have English as a second language. Just bring your imagination.

It will be performed at Howden Park Centre, Livingston on Friday 26th Oct at 7.30pm.  For more information, including the ability to purchase tickets, please visit:  http://www.howdenparkcentre.co.uk/article/30636/The-Arrival

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There was a Soldier...

There Was a Soldier... is a compelling tribute to the people of Edinburgh, the Lothians and beyond, during WWI, and to Bangour (Edinburgh's War Hospital).

Told through music, poetry, slides and humour, it tells the story of young men who enlisted with great enthusiasm to defend their country.  Includes stories of McCrae's Battalion and Dr Elsie Inglis' Scottish War Hospitals overseas.

Performed first in 2014 to mark 100 years from WW1 starting, this will be the last public performance.

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Broxburn Childrens Gala Day 2018

Broxburn Gala Day was held on 25th August 2018.  Below are a few pictures from the parade:

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